I am Midhun, I completed my Ph. D. in Mathematics (Applied) at the University of Exeter, UK. Currently I am a postdoc at the University of Manchester.

I enjoy mathematics, which makes me interested in machine learning, signal processing, probabilistic modelling, mathematical modelling of physiological systems, and optimization. The engineer in me likes to see things in action on wearables and the cloud.

Previousely, I worked at TCS Innovation labs doing systems modelling in physiology and machine learning to develop wearable/diagnostic devices.


Essentially I work at the intersection of dynamical systems and machine learning.

My Google Scholar, Researchgate, LinkedIn and Loop profiles.

Please visit my blogs to know some of my random (chaotic?) thoughts. These are mostly notes that I make for myself, I am happy if anyone else finds this useful.

Also, this is an app I built for helping in decision making.

Email: midhunonweb@gmail.com

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