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Industry White Paper

A systematic approach to comparative decision making

There exist a number of circumstances in businesses where we make comparative decisions. Let it be a set of ideas, concepts, decisions or people, what we essentially assume is that there exists some "potential" associated with each one of them, and we assign values to those potentials, by comparing them with one another. This is a very big problem if the number of “substances under comparison” is large. Here it is beneficial to split the problem into small simpler problems and solve them all at once. It is also beneficial to get a quantitative measure of our understanding of the problem we are solving. Here, in this paper, we take the bigger problem, split it into smaller problems, form a set of linear equations. Our understanding of the problem is also evaluated. In essence, this white paper provides a systematic approach to compare decisions effectively, reducing the subjectivity and noise which hinders effective “present-day decision-making”.