Why we walk ?

Intriguing is the thought that we walk upright in two legs while every other animal that I know don't. I do not believe it is the brain that made us different from other species. That is because having such a complicated brain is so expensive both energetically providing us with no use whatsoever (This may very well be debated in another post). If you say big brains helped us generate new ideas inventions, medicines and so on, I would argue -what the same brain was doing say a 20,000 years back ? We put that to no use. So it should be side effect of something else. Now the question arises what differentiates us from other animals if it is not brain and i believe it is walking upright. Now this begs the question why ?

Now why we walk in two legs upright? It seems there are several theories - I would rank the ones that are linked to reproduction first.

Theory 1: Long time ago, obtaining food in the amazon (the forest) became too difficult. Individually obtaining food and rearing offsprings became tediouse for females. They, therefore decided that they will mate only with the males who bring them food. Now, carrying foor is difficult when you walk on four legs. Therefore ...( Of course online ordering from Amazon was not there back then, else we would still be walking in 4 legs).

Theory 2: Biped walking is energetically efficient than four legged walking and therefore, …...

Theory >3: Highly debated....

Looking forwards to seeing your comments.

Thanks to this much more interesting article


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